Earthware Produce Bags - Set of 3

Earthware Produce Bags - Set of 3

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Earthware produce bags are the reusable alternative to single use fruit and vegetable bags.

The fabric is made from 100% recycled plastic materials, and is highly durable. This is plastic that would otherwise end up in landfill. They are approximately 25/28cm and can hold many times its weight in produce. Our bags are compact, light weight and can be conveniently carried in your pocket, handbag or car. 

You can wash your produce straight from the bag and the bag itself can be thrown straight into the washing machine. The mesh fabric allows your fruit and vegetables to breath, making them perfect for storing produce in the fridge or pantry and helping your produce to last much longer than it would in plastic bags.

Earthware produce bags are excellent for all fruit, vege, nuts and bulk bin purchases.

Earthware bags are an easy and highly effective way of reducing single use plastic in your day to day shopping.